Arif Ahmed

Arif Ahmed

Freelance, Bengali and Sylheti Language Services

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    June 1998

    English <> Bengali & Sylheti translation and other language services

    Bengali and Sylheti Language Services

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    I am a native Bengali and Sylheti speaking freelance translator and language services provider. I have been doing translation and language-related work for 14+ years. My experience in various kinds of translation range from fun & easy webpages for kids to highly technical books on Earthquake Engineering, from classic literary pieces by famous authors to workers' safety manual for factory workers, from tele-documentary voice-over scripts to legal, financial & medical documents up to booklets on new-age spiritualism/religion. In other words, I believe I have a wide range of capacity to translate and if needs be, culturally and/or intellectually adapt materials on various subjects for a diverse audience : both targeted and general. I am also interested in undertaking voice-over, voice recording, etc projects in Bengali.

    Education: MA in language pedagogy.

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