Deder Nazmul

Deder Nazmul

Best SEO expert & Digital Marketer in Bangladesh dedernazmul

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Currently employed at dedernazmul SEO and Digital Marketing Agency


Previous: Jahangirnagar University


SEO and Digital Marketing Service provider agency

At dedernazmul SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

From March 2017 to Present
Hello, This is dedernazmul, Administrative Officer at the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat for four years and SEO & Digital Marketing expert in Bangladesh for two years. I am working as an SEO consultant for two years. I will help to improve your business, visibility, brand recognition, and website...
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Jahangirnagar University, Faridpur

MA in (IR)International Relations , Administrative Officer

From September 2018 to September 2019
Explores, historically and conceptually, the theories and practices of the international political economy. Examines the interplay of politics and economics at the global level. It introduces ways of understanding the modern world system as a unity of international, political, and economic...
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