Tareque Hossain

Tareque Hossain

Assistant Manager (Dept. In-charge), Navana Furniture Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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His background

  • North South University

  • Today
    June 2010

    Assistant Manager (Dept. In-charge)

    Navana Furniture Ltd.

    Job Responsibilities~
    - To formulate and implement Marketing Plan.
    - To develop & execute Customer Retention Plan.
    - To prepare marketing budget and make ensure to control budget effectively & efficiently.
    - To plan & execute sales campaign, promotional campaign, event & activation.
    - To analysis & scrutinize sales growth percentage, sales forecast, seasonal factors, product movement, customer conversation & post-assessment report of campaign, event & activation.
    - To analyze and develop separate marketing strategy for diverse product and customer.
    - To design & conduct market research for the purpose of marketing strategy & product development.
    - To work as a team member with Product Development and Cost & Budget Department.
    - To improve & maintain brand guide lines and brand communication activities.
    - To be a team player with creative, merchandiser and operational executives.
    - To coordinate on the work of Ad Agency, Media Agency, Print Media, Outdoor Media & other supporting agencies.
  • Today
    June 2010
    January 2008

    Senior Executive


    Job Responsibilities~
    • To assist my supervisor for preparing every strategic planning, business presentation or proposal and involve day to day operation require by clients.
    • Taking part in conducting market research, desktop research, competitive analysis & also SWOT analysis for new business presentations and proposals.
    • To prepare the initial level of clients’ brief, creative brief & presentation. And also prepare operational documents such as letter, meeting minutes, estimate, bills & mailing to client etc.
    • Taking part in every campaign being a member of the team & support other department as like; being a part of brain storming session with creative team for generating idea & executing the creative output, cooperate with media department for media planning and buying, collaborating with the event department in executing event.

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His skills

  • Marketing Communication

About him

Having 7 years experiences on marketing management and operation. During this span of time, I got opportunities to work with Corporate as well as Ad Agency and responsible for marketing activities like; planning & implementation, analyzing & forecasting, research & development, and promotion & operation. Successfully handled renown brand like; DBBL, GSK, Abul khair Steel Mill, The Daily Kaler Kantho, Viyellatex Group, Mousumi industries Ltd.(Cute Cosmetic) and Navana Furniture Ltd.


# Planning: Marketing Plan, Communication Plan, Media Plan, Event & Activation Plan, Sales Plan & Forecasting.

# Analyzing: Campaign Assessment, Salas Analysis, TG Analysis, Trend & Seasonal Analysis & Product Movement Analysis.

# Implementing: Above The Line, Below The Line & Through The Line Activities.

# Research & Development: Customer Perception Test, Focus Group Discussion, In-depth Research, Retail Survey & others.Marketing Strategy, Creative Communication, Product Development, Pricing Strategy, Lifestyle Store & SOP.

# Team Work: Creative, Operation, Product Development, Sales Team, Ad Agency, Vendors, Out-door Media,Print media & Electronic Media.

# Operation

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