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Alamgir Swapan

Special Correspondent, Jamuna TV

Dhaka | Bangladesh

  • Current job title:Special CorrespondentJamuna TV
  • Previous job title:Special CorrespondentJamuna TV


Humaun Chisty

Reporter, ATN Bangla

Dhaka | Bangladesh

  • Current job title:ReporterATN Bangla

5 contacts

Firoz Amin

Thakurgaon Correspondent, ATN BANGLA

Thakurgaon | Bangladesh

  • Current job title:Thakurgaon CorrespondentATN BANGLA

Sharmin Ahmed

News Presenter, ATN Bangla, Multimedia Production Ltd.

Dhaka | Bangladesh

  • Current job title:News PresenterATN Bangla, Multimedia Production Ltd.

Morshed Alam

Senior Business Reporter, ATN BANGLA (First Satellite Television Channel of Bangladesh)

Dhaka, Bangladesh | Bangladesh

  • Current job title:Senior Business ReporterATN BANGLA (First Satellite Television Channel of Bangladesh)

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Sanjib Panday

senior video editor, atn bangla


  • Current job title:Senior video editorAtn bangla

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